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"A glass of wine is great refreshment after a hard day’s work." —Ludwig van Beethoven
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March 15, 2009

A malbec that puts the 'fun' in Funky Llama

Funky Llama Malbec (2008)
Origin: Argentina (Mendoza)

Price: $6

Let's face it, folks, this wine sells for a ridiculously low sum. But if you have to go cheap, at least you can choose wisely.

I guarantee that if you walk down the Argentina aisle in your local state store, this brand (and it's price tag) will catch your eye, especially with this week's $6 sale price. And who wouldn't love a bright, artsy label, complete with a Funky Llama? In case you were wondering, the cork is also school-bus yellow and stamped with a llama. It's like a party in a bottle.

The juice itself is in fact fit for a party -- surely nothing too serious. It'll go down easy with a burger or pizza on a Sunday night. You'll taste notes of cherry, blackberry and pepper. While it's not overly complex, it's a decent choice if you're going low-budget.

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Kenny Marshall said...

Just tried this wine and I am very happily surprised. This wine is really good - and for $6!! Good flavor, however a just bit dry. I'll buy this wine again - and again - and again. FUNKY!!